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Build Bamzonia

At the bank
Do you know what banks and a personal banker can do for you?

Cashier No. 3, please
Find out how to go about filling in payslips and cheques

Cashier No. 5, please
Further information about cheques and giro slips

Opening a bank account
Learn how to open a bank account and why it’s a good idea to have one

Statements and Cheque Books
You will learn how to read bank statements and how to keep control of the money in your account

Internet and telephone banking and ATMs
Find out how to open a bank account online and how to use a telephone banking account

Debit and Credit Cards
Learn about the difference between credit and debit cards

The jargon of savings and investments
Why is it a good idea to save and can you think of things that people like to save for?

Where can I save my money?
Find out why you should start a pension scheme and other ways of investing your money

Savings — Where are we now?
Why do we need a credit union? What house price will you be able to afford

Prioritising Needs and Wants
Learn about the differences between NEEDs and WANTs. How do they change for different people?

Budgets and budgeting
This unit covers what an overdraft is and the golden rules of budgeting

The true costs of purchases
Find out the pitfalls of credit cards and store cards, including the true costs of purchases

What financial purchases will I make throughout my life?
Learn about other financial products and services available

Risk and Reward
Find out about risk and reward; why people invest in stocks and shares and the pitfalls of gambling

Making money through business
Learn about the benefits of starting up a business of your own