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Teacher dashboards

Bamzonia has been built with busy teachers in mind and needs only minimal lesson preparation and no post lesson marking. Teacher dashboards allow you to:

  1. Add, amend and delete students.V2-Report
  2. Allocate students to classes.
  3. Award extra Zonian credits to students.
  4. View student progress, as individuals or as a group.
  5. Report on student progress as individuals or as a group.V2-Report-Pie
  6. Control the lessons that your students have access to.
  7. Control access to the Bamzonia game.
  8. Export student results as a PDF or excel spreadsheet.
  9. Access and print student certificates.

Bamzonia makes sure that as a teacher you have everything you need to deliver engaging and effective personal financial education. All lesson content and lesson plans are provided, with your dashboard making sure that you can control the delivery of lessons and progress of your students at the touch of a button.

Interactive instructions are available to help you through your first visit to the teacher dashboard. You can also view our dashboard presentation.