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Lesson content

Bamzonia has 35 lessons divided into 3 levels for students from years 5 – 13. Lessons cover subjects from Savings, Credit, Debt, Interest, Mortgages, Income, Tax, Insurance, KiwiSaver – and much more.

The teacher Login gives access to an administration dashboard which allows teachers to control and monitor students’ progress. Teachers can lock or unlock lessons for individuals and/or groups, award extra credits, lock or unlock the game and monitor class and individual scores and progress.

The Lesson Summaries (Click here to Download) outline the educational content of each lesson and how they relate to the NZ Curriculum Levels 1-8 and the NZQA Financial Capability Unit Standards. Click here to Download the NZC and NZQA Levels Spreadsheet and how they relate to the Bamzonis Lessons.

More information about using Bamzonia can be seen by clicking How the Lessons Work