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For Students

Welcome to Bamzonia, a bankrupt Island in the middle of the Pacific. The last few years have been tough. Companies are closing down, more Bamzonianz are losing their jobs every day. Crime and pollution have taken over the island. This is so very different from how this once beautiful island used to be. The Bamzonianz are desperately in need of help.

A glimmer of hope has arrived in the shape of a “Guru”. He has chosen you to help him bring the Island back to its past success. In order to do this, you will need to complete challenges and gain knowledge. Do this successfully and you will see your Island transform step by step to be a wonderful place to live again.
You now have the opportunity to help Bamzonia and its people. By increasing your skills through Bamzonia’s game and your knowledge through Bamzonia’s lessons, you can lead them back to financial prosperity and success.

You can customise your own Island through successfully completing challenges which will earn you Zonian Credits. This is the currency in Bamzonia. The more Zonian Credits you gain, the more you can build and invest to transform your Bamzonia island. There are two other ways in which you can gain Zonian Credits. You can buy Zonian Credits from your dashboard. You can earn the most Zonian Credits from the Guru. He will gift you Zonian Credits for successfully completing knowledge quests. The harder the quest, the more Zonian Credits you will earn. These knowledge quests are interactive lessons about money – by learning more about financial matters through Bamzonia’s lessons you can bring Bamzonia to back to economic stability.

Here’s the thing about Bamzonia: it is a great, fun game but more than that, it offers lessons on money that will make you more successful in Bamzonia and in real life.
Register now. Start competing with your friends and make sure your Island thrives and becomes successful before theirs do! We want you to be successful, in our game and in life – so go for it!

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