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How the lessons work

Bamzonia is designed to be a comprehensive course in Personal Financial Education. The Lesson Spreadsheet will help you identify the lessons that are appropriate for students at any level in the NZ Curriculum Levels 1-8 or the NZQA Unit Standards for Financial Capability.

For senior NCEA secondary teachers, these achievement objectives, achievement standards, and unit standards may provide, or be adapted to include, contexts or aspects for financial capability teaching.

There are 3 Levels of Bamzonia Lessons: Level 1, Discover – Level 2, Build – Level 3, Live. Generally, lessons become more complex as students progress through the levels. Once registered, teachers can view and download Lesson Plans for more information about the learning content of each lesson and how they relate to the NZQA and NZ curriculum.

Naturally, some lessons will take longer than others. You may find that with some of the earlier lessons you can cover two in one session. Similarly, some of the later lessons may take more than a single session.

Each quiz consists of 15 multiple-choice questions. The default pass mark is set at 80% (12 out of 15 questions) but teachers have the ability to change this to their preferred pass mark through their Administrative Settings for each class or group of students. In the same way, lessons may be locked or unlocked so that only a set number of lessons are available to be completed in any one session – or for homework.

Students receive 10,000 credits for passing the quiz the first time – regardless of how many times they had tried. They then receive 2,500 credits each subsequent time they achieve a pass-mark – up to a total of 5. Again, regardless of how many times they try. This enables them to receive a maximum of 20,000 credits for passing a specific lesson quiz 5 times. Surprisingly, many students are happy to go through the same lesson multiple times to earn these credits – and every time they do the quiz the learning retention rate increases. Imagine trying to teach the same lesson in class 5 times!

Initially, students are awarded 100,000 game credits on registering for Bamzonia. As well as lesson credits, they can also earn a small number of extra credits from the Mini Games. Teachers have the ability to award students extra credits, deduct credits, and lock and unlock the game at any time.

Teachers are also able to monitor and report on student progress accurately. Check out the Teacher Dashboards to out more about how you can control, report, and measure your students’ progress.

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