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How the game works

To get to the game click on the Game Icon. City_homeDashboard-icons-Game_small

Everyone is allocation 100,000 Zonian dollar credits by default when first registering for Bamzonia. These are used to play the game. Additional credits are earned by answering enough questions correctly in the Lessons. These are automatically transferred to the game.

When you first see your island it is dark and quite dismal. The Bamzonianz need your help to rebuild their island.

As you do, the rain stops, the sun starts to shine, bright buildings to appear, and the islanders become healthy, wealthy, and happy: the Island flourishes.

To start helping the Bamzonianz rebuild their Island you need to click on ‘Build’.


The Guru will tell you there are Five Districts, or Suburbs, appear on the right of the screen. You can start by clicking on any of these and start building.

Click on the Guru any time you need help or don’t know what to do.


To see what you can build, click on ‘Items’. These will appear at the top of the screen in various categories. To buy an item for the first time you need to pay to ‘Unlock’ it. This is like paying ‘Resource consent’. After you have unlocked an item you can buy as many as you need. If you decide you don’t want the item any more you may sell it by dragging it to ‘Sell item’.

Use your mouse, arrow keys, or the tool bellow the Guru to zoom or rotate the island.

HealthWealthHappinessAll items have a Health, Wealth, or Happiness value. As you rebuild your island, you will see the score increase in the table below the screen. The same box shows you how many credits you have left as well as how many parking spaces or power you have, or need to buy.




When you have finished building, click on ‘End turn’. The screen will revolve and, if you have built enough, other colourful buildings will start to pop up. This one is looking great!


At the top of the game Home screen are the Mini Game icons. Click on each and follow the Guru’s instructions. They are a lot fun – some more difficult than others.



Click on the Guru if you need help at any time.

UnityThe first time you open the game you may be prompted to download Unity Web Player.

Unity is a trusted name and completely safe to use. For more technical information see Techie Stuff.