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Welcome to Bamzonia — an Island in need of your help.

Bamzonia was once a rich, thriving Island where the prosperous Bamzonianz had a positive future. Some years ago, a worldwide recession impacted on the Island’s trade and with the unscrupulous leaders and a criminal undercurrent, the island collapsed – declaring to the world its bankruptcy. The wealthier inhabitants left the island, taking their money with them. Those remaining are now poor and desperate, struggling with debt, crime and pollution.

A glimmer of hope has arrived in the shape of the Guru, who has vast knowledge and is prepared to share this knowledge with a “chosen one”. This knowledge can set the Island on its way to recovery and bring back the prosperity once enjoyed by Bamzonians.

The Guru has chosen you to rescue the island and its people. He will guide you and share his knowledge and skill with you alone. You can turn things around and lead Bamzonia to its former glory – what will happen next is down to you……

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