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Wages and salaries, Who Earns What?
Find out at what age you can start earning and how much you can aim to earn later in life

‘Tax doesn’t have to be taxing’
What does the government spend our taxes on and how much will you have to pay?

An introduction to payslips
Find out what deductions will be made from the money you earn

A further look at payslips
Calculate the National Insurance you are likely to pay and learn about reading payslips

All about borrowing
Why do people borrow money? Do you want to know the difference between good and bad borrowing?

Find out how to see your credit score and how to find out if you are creditworthy

The danger that is debt
Learn why people get into serious debt and how to avoid it

Life aspirations
Figure out what kind of lifestyle you want by the age of 25 and how to plan to get there

Who benefits?
Many people are entitled to benefits and allowances; find out what they are

Where there’s a will?
Wills are very important if you want to leave money to the correct people when you die; find out why

Why pensions?
When is the right time to think about starting a pension fund. Find out the options available to you

Why insurance?
Learn why you need to be insured and what can be insured against loss or damage

Buying your own home
Learn how to calculate what you can afford on a new home and how to go about buying one

Rights and responsibilities in finance
All consumers have rights; find out what they are and when they apply

How to get financial advice
Where would you go for financial advice? How can a credit union help you if you get in trouble?

Foreign exchange
Find out how to get the best deal when you exchange money for foreign currency