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Green Bay Ronel

Who says bribery doesn’t pay?  Year 9 Financial Literacy students came out richer – both in pocket and mind – after participating in an interesting presentation about financial software.

Guest speaker, Ronel Schodt, caught the students interest straight away with the money shot: “Who can tell me what animal is on the New Zealand $1 coin.”  The student with the correct answer was given the coin to keep. Needless to say, keen interest and enthusiasm ensued with correct answers earning a monetary value as the prize!

During her visit, Ronel introduced an online Financial Literacy Education programme for New Zealand students, called Bamzonia. This resource is designed to assist teaching Financial Literacy in a fun and effective way. Using the software, students learn about financial matters such as personal and family budgeting, credit, debt, income, tax, KiwiSaver – and much more.

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