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Learning about money

build_1Bamzonia is here to help you build your confidence when it comes to taking good care of your money.

You’ve probably seen lots of stories in the news about “recession” and “credit crunch” and lots more about families struggling to pay for everyday things like food and heating. There are many reasons why people struggle with money but one thing we do know is that a small amount of financial education can make a huge difference.

Your mum and dad will tell you “if only we had financial education when we were young”.  Well, Bamzonia is here to give you the education that wasn’t around when they were at school.

Financial education can sound a bit serious and, let’s face it, a bit boring (!).  But without it, we risk being easily parted from our money and make make some pretty bad decisions. Take a look at how Bamzonia makes learning about money a little more fun:

  1. Lessons are interactive and easy to understand. Work through at your own pace and use the audio files to help if you need to give your eyes a rest.
  2. Take a quiz at the end of the lesson to test your understanding and generate a certificate for a pass and Zonian credits to use in our game.
  3. The game – rebuild your own island of Bamzonia by improving the health, wealth and happiness of its inhabitants. You’ll need lots of Zonian credits for this so make sure you pass those quizzes (hint – you get extra credits for repeating a lesson!). There are mini- games as well to add to the fun.
  4. Compete with your classmates, there are rankings for the lessons, the game and the mini games.computer

We want you to enjoy Bamzonia and we want you to have a stable financial future. So have fun, learn lots and make sure you remember us when you’re rich and famous 🙂