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Things you might need to know

Free trials and pricing

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Q. How much does Bamzonia cost?

A. Go to our Register Now page to find out how much Bamzonia would cost for your school.

Q. What does an annual license include?

A. An annual license for a school allows access to Bamzonia for all students, teachers and students’ parents for a year. All upgrades, software support and helpline is also included.

Q. Can our school try out Bamzonia first?

A. Yes, Bamzonia offers free trials to all UK schools.

Technical Requirements


Q. What are the technical requirements for Bamzonia?6Marnie

A. Bamzonia is an online platform requiring a PC/laptop and broadband connection. Find out more about Bamzonia’s technical specifications.

 Q. Do you offer single sign on functionality?

A. We offer single sign on via RM Unify and other LMS platforms. Please call 0845 505 1750 to find out if Bamzonia supports your specific single sign on software.

Q. Does Bamzonia work on tablets and mobile?

A. Bamzonia’s lessons are mobile and tablet friendly. The Bamzonia game requires a PC or laptop.

Teaching Bamzonia


Q. Do we have to have access to an IT suite to offer Bamzonia to our students?3BankManager

A. Although Bamzonia is an online educational resource, our lesson plans give offline activities for the classroom with the Bamzonia lessons and game able to be offered as homework or after school assignments.

Q. How much time will it take to implement Bamzonia into our school?

A. Bamzonia is very easy to use. Our intuitive website and interactive instructions means Bamzonia can be speedily introduced to your school. You simply register and upload student details at which point you are ready to go. Our helpline is available on 0845 505 1750 for any questions you may have.

Q. Do I need to be confident about Personal Financial Education to deliver Bamzonia?

A. Bamzonia provides all of the lesson content and quizzes to check students understanding of the subject matter. Lesson plans also provide discussion topics and individual and group activities. Bamzonia builds the financial confidence of all of its users so if you are feeling unsure, work through the lessons with your students and you will have everything you need to deliver Personal Financial Education.

Q. Do Bamzonia lessons link to the national curriculum?

A. Bamzonia lessons are aligned to all curriculums across the UK. To find out more go to our curriculum links page.



Q. We cannot access all of the lessons?6Mickey

A. Check to make sure the lessons have been unlolcked, you can do this via your teacher dashboard.

Q. The lessons are not appearing on screen?

A. Bamzonia works on the majority of operating systems and internet browsers. Check our technical specifications to make sure we support your technical set up.

Q. We cannot access the game?

A. You need to install a small plug-in to see the Bamzonia game. You will need your IT team to allow permissions for Unity to be downloaded on your schools PC’s/laptops. Once your students have downloaded Unity once, it does not need to be downloaded again.

Q. We downloaded Unity and now we need to download it again?

A. Do you clear your cache often? Make sure that when clearing the cache, you are not removing Unity each time.