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Aorere College lead the way with Financial Literacy

Aorere College, in Papatoetoe, are serious when it comes to teaching such an important subject as Financial Literacy – and they have developed a very creative programme of events to ensure the best results.

The teachers at Aorere are running an intensive four day Financial Literacy programme from 3rd to 6th December for their Year 10 students to really make an impact on their student’s skills and knowledge. The intention is that this new found knowledge will kindle an understanding of the importance of Financial Literacy throughout their lives and motivate them to be responsible with finances in them long term.

Over the 4 days, 320 the students are focusing on three core disciplines: Income, Spending, and Budgeting. Aorere realised that teaching this complex and serious life skill needs to be relevant and interesting. So they have looked at engaging their students with resources like Bamzonia, Gumption, and face to face education with ASB support.

Bamzonia is an online resource with interactive lessons, quizzes, and a 3D game where students can rebuild the economy of a devastated island community – and create the health wealth and happiness of the inhabitants.

Gumption is a highly entertaining and educational business board game that celebrates NZ enterprise, innovation, and business success.

The ASB Bank is supporting the programme by talking with the students about savings and budgeting with some of their specialised staff. The Commission for Financial Literacy Retirement and Income (CFLRI) have helped coordinate the week with Aorere – and the YWCA are also supporting with content and are advising on the Spending modules as they run a Fin Lit programme with their Future Leaders programme.

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