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Financial Literacy Education. Game-based learning for Years 5 - 13.


Why Bamzonia?

  • Primary, Intermediate and Secondary levels
  • Engages students with lessons, quizzes, and games
  • Linked to the curriculum
  • Leaderboards for healthy competition
  • Minimal lesson preparation

Bamzonia ticks all the boxes for me, it's easy for students to use, easy for teachers to administrate, it encourages students to use up to date technology in the classroom and the units are relevant to students and build financial literacy.

—Gordon Botha, Teacher, Pinehurst


Teacher pages

Lesson summaries and answers, spreadsheets outlining how lessons align to the NZ curriculum and NZQA, and full monitoring and reporting student results, all make Personal Financial Literacy easier to teach.


Students from years 5 - 13 can learn valuable personal financial literacy and life skills in our engaging lessons, multi-choice quizzes, and 3D games.


Using credits earned in lesson's quizzes, students are challenged to rebuild the 3D island of Bamzonia and enhance the health, wealth, and happiness of their community..