Free Trial/Licence costs


“Play now for free” takes you to a short form providing us with the details we need to set your school up in the Bamzonia community. Once registered you will have access to Bamzonia and can start your Free Trial. You can contact us if you have any questions or need any help.

Alternatively, you can simply email with your contact details. We’ll be in touch to set up your school and help in any way we can. We’re a friendly team and helpful team.  We want you to love the Bamzonia experience so please do give us a try.

Your free trial will last 1 month. If you think Bamzonia is right for your school, at the end of the trial you have two options:

Option 1: Individual classes

$10-00 per student for 6 months

$15-00 per student per annum

Option 2: School Community Licence

A Site license for the whole school (primary schools can also take out a site license for all years 5 and 6 students).

School Role Community Licence fee
0-50 $150
51-150 $400
151-300 $600
301-500 $1,000
501-750 $1,250
751-1,000 $1,500
1001-1,500 $1,750
1,500+ $2,000

This option gives all students and teachers in your school access for a year. It’s called a School Community License, because we want as many people within your school community to build their financial confidence for a brighter future.

You may also Contact us by phone or direct email