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Bamzonia encompasses three main elements:

  1. 35 interactive lessons with multi-choice quizzes
  2. A 3D educational game
  3. Controlling, measuring, and reporting on students results

The personal financial education solution designed to develop the financial skills of 8 -18 year olds. Preparing young people for financial responsibility in adulthood, Bamzonia NZ aligns lessons to the the New Zealand Curriculm and NZQA Personal Financial Management Unit Standards 2014. Most of the Unit Standards are achievement Standards where students can obtain Achieved, Merit, or Excellence results.

The lessons are linked to an educational 3D game designed to promote and reward their successful personal financial decisions and behaviour.

Read more about the two main elements of Bamzonia — the Education Module and the Game Module.

We invite you to try Bamzonia NZ and see for yourself how this unique learning environment can improve the quality of financial education for young people forever!


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