Computers in Homes

Bamzonia was invited to the Computers in Homes National hui to talk to nationwide facilitators.


Computers in Homes coordinators were excited to discover Bamzonia at the national hui in Invercargill last week  giving them  the opportunity to give it a go.

Computers_in-HomesContracts Director and 2020 Trust Chair, Laurence Zwimpfer, was impressed. “We support over 1500 families in low income communities each year, helping them upskill to use digital technologies. Parents become more confident using computers and the internet so that they can engage with and support their children’s learning.  We look forward to being able to share this exciting learning resource with our Computers in Homes families and the 300 schools that participate in our programme each year. I took one of the quizzes targeted at Year 5 and 6 students and was humbled to get two wrong!  Just goes to show, we all have something to learn even those of us in Years 50 and 60!


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